The purpose of Humboldt Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity (HAPI) is to build and empower our community by amplifying, supporting, and encouraging diverse voices and perspectives to foster a more engaged and inclusive community.

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HAPI is an Ink People Dreammaker Program.

Humboldt Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity

Past Projects

Summer 2022

Outdoor gatherings of our HAPI community to connect and get to know each other.

October 2022
Arcata Playhouse Migrations

HAPI presented the story of the Chinese migration to Humboldt County in the late 1800s, and the  subsequent expulsion, banning of Chinese and other Asians until the mid-1950s, and their return.


Debbie Chinn
Dancing in Their Light: A Daughter’s Unfinished Memoir

Author Talk and Book Signing


Humboldt ‘s First Obon Festival

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. Our first obon shared the stories and traditions of Obon, provided an altar to honor our ancestors, Obon dancind, taiko drumming and so much more.


JULY 2022
San Jose Taiko

Introduction to taiko workshop.


MARCH 2022
Zero to Fierce Festival
HAPI fundraiser for an Odaiko drum for Humboldt Taiko and sponsor “An Evening with Aireene Espiritu”

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MAY 2021
Humboldt Asian Histories & Futures Panel

Historians, artists and community members come together to remember Humboldt County's Chinese expulsions & their reverberations today. 


MAR 2021
Love Over Hate: Vigil for Georgia Victims

A meditative walking vigil co-hosted by the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to honor and mourn the victims and their families of the March 2021 shootings in Atlanta, GA. Provided a contemplative space for community members to share grief, reflection, and healing.  


MAR 2021
Rockin' Ramen 2 Go

Zero to Fierce: Womxn's Festival with Arcata Playhouse. Ramen lunch fundraiser for Centro del Pueblo.


JAN 2021
HSU Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties 2021

A virtual event co-hosted by the HSU Library. San Jose Taiko streamed a video of 2020's Swingposium on the Road Humboldt, a performance by Humboldt Taiko and discussion with Stan Yogi of the Seen and Unseen Online Exhibit, and Franco Imperial, Artistic Director of San Jose Taiko. 


AUG 2020
Arcata Floating Lantern Ceremony

Humboldt Taiko and Taiko Swing Humboldt Video Submission for the 2020 virtual Floating Lantern Ceremony by the City of Arcata.


MAY - JUL 2020
KEET-TV Project - PBS Asian Americans- Panel Discussions

KEET-TV’s first discussion panel for Asian Americans with host Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, Sue Lee Mossman, Malina Syvoravang, Ali Ong Lee.

KEET-TV’s second discussion panel for Asian Americans with host Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, Roger Wang, Shomik Mukhejee, and Pata Vang.

KEET-TV’s third discussion panel for Asian Americans with host Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, Stewart Kwoh (AAJC-LA), Angela Chan, and Alex Ozaki-McNeill.


MAR - DEC 2020
Pieces of Our Lives Exhibit, Clarke Historical Museum

A condensed version of the larger HSU Library exhibit “Pieces of Our Lives”. Featured a replica of WWII Japanese American incarceration camp guard watchtower, art and furniture made in camp. Displayed in the Clarke Museum's Gun and Sword vault.


JAN 2020
America’s WWII Japanese Concentration Camp (Banners)

Ten 3’x 8’ banners highlight the history of the ten US Japanese American concentration camps and the other incarceration camps holding Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans during World War II. 


JAN - FEB 2020
Swingposium On the Road Immersive Performance

Three 90-minute performances of San Jose Taiko's Swingposium on the Road with HSU's Jazz Orchestra, Epic Immersive actors, Humboldt Swing Taiko and community members. A slice of life in a Japanese American concentration camp during WWII seen through the eyes of teenagers involved audience members in a 360 degree immersive experience. SJT Artistic Director interviewed former camp internees in "Talk Story" sessions before the performances.

Additional educational outreach included a stage performance of Swingposium at the Humboldt State University Fred Korematsu Day of  Civil Liberties event and two performances for Eurkea, Arcata and McKinleyville High Schools.


Photo Courtesy of  the Fred T. Korematsu Family / Wikipedia

JAN 2020
HSU Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties 2020

San Jose Taiko brought their exciting stage performance of Swingposium on the Road to Humboldt State University in commemoration of Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution, with the HSU Jazz Orchestra. A free event provided through a grant from HSU's Office of Diversity and Equity. 10 concentration camp banners displayed in lobby of the HSU Van Duzer auditorium where the performance was held.


JAN 2020
Pieces of Our Lives Exhibit, Humboldt State University

This pop-up exhibition at the Clarke Museum explored the social and personal impact of the mass incarceration of 120,000 American Japanese during World War II. President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 authorized the mass forced removal of Japanese Americans on the West Coast.

In this exhibition family objects were displayed from the Humboldt County Japanese American Community whose grandparents, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts were imprisoned in Internment Camps during WWII.


DEC 2019
Ebb and Flow of immigration in Humboldt. Stories of Latinx and Asian Communities

Community gathering, potluck and open discussion about immigration in Humboldt County with Centro del Pueblo and Taiko Swing Humboldt.


OCT 2019
Rockin' Ramen

Major fund-raising event toward bringing San Jose Taiko's "Swingposium On the Road" immersive-experiences to Humboldt County. Offered were various types of ramen in bowls, beverages and sweets, hand-made ceramic bowls, silent auction and Dutch raffle items, free local music entertainment. Held at Bayside Community Hall, Bayside, CA


OCT 2019
OLLI Presentation

A Osher Life Learning Institute (OLLI) lecture by Jack Bareilles and Mitch Higa who discussed Humboldt County history during WWII and resistance by Japanese Americans at the Crystal City Detention Center in Texas. Event included a pop-up museum of family objects from WWII Japanese Concentration Camps.


JUL 2019
Lights for Liberty Humboldt

Humboldt Swing Taiko was a co-sponsor with Centro del Pueblo in this community event that highlighted the inhumane treatment of conditions faced by border migrants and to foster solidarity for refugees being used in concentration camps at our southern border. Vigils were held nationwide in protest.